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MichaellaChungHi! My name is Michaella and I am currently a 5th-year PhD student (aka 21st grade!). I study ecohydrology -- which means that I spend a lot of time tromping thorugh streams and forests to collect data. I have been a volunteer at Willard Middle School through most of my graduate school years. This is my 3rd semester with YSP and I have very much enjoyed being a math teacher in Credit Recovery, but am excited to serve as the Teaching Program Assistant this spring!

Five Fun Facts:

  1. I'm an avid Mets fan and I am holding out hope that I will see them win the World Series before I turn 80.
  2. I had my first onion ring in December 2017.
  3. I know all of the lines from the movie "When Harry Met Sally" by heart.
  4. I haven't lived at home since 7th grade, when I started going to boarding school (it's like camp + school!).
  5. I love to bake pies.