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Why Donate

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Youth Support Program. YSP has teamed up with UC Berkeley and Willard students since 1994 to provide quality mentoring and enrichment programming. Thanks to financial support from caring people like you, YSP is able to keep serving the unique needs of mentees, their families and the entire Willard community.

Your donation will help support YSP by providing resources that enable us to reach students in need of academic, social, or behavioral support. Additionally, your funds allow us to provide our mentors with the best training, support, and motivation they need to continue their good service.

Here's a look at what your donation can do:

  • $25 supplies our enrichment-class students with handouts and classroom materials

  • $50 purchases after-school snacks for one month

  • $100 pays for a mentor training

  • $200 sponsors a YSP event

  • $300 guarantees every mentor and mentee access to museums, science exploratoriums, and cultural events for an entire year through CATS

  • $1,000+ keeps our doors open and our events running

For every dollar that YSP spends, we leverage an additional dollar in donated space, food, and time from our school, community partners, and dedicated volunteers.